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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Article 1 Achieves Overwhelming Support at Deliberative

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the school Deliberative Session last Thursday. While there was full agreement on the need to invest in the LAS facility, the School Board’s Article 1 received resounding support from 80% of the 226 residents in attendance, putting to rest the two competing articles proposed for the ballot. (While both articles will still appear on the ballot, no budget will be associated with them.)

Click HERE to see the School Board's presentation or HERE for a recording of the meeting, rich with context and discussion amongst neighbors.

Validating 4 years of detailed due diligence by the School Board, residents entertained articles as they would candidates in a Primary election and recommended the most responsible proposal be put forward for vote. Residents spoke up to emphasize that Article 1 is a compromise over building a new school and to encourage financial forethought related to low interest rates, adding value to the “most important building in a community,” and completing work now when the project, 15 years in the making, will never be less expensive.

Thank you for your time in getting to know the School Board’s proposal as it relates to education, timing, cost and town stewardship. Please visit www.renovatingLAS.org or contact any member of the School Board with questions.

Friday, January 10, 2014

LAS Bond Hearing Board Presentation

At the LAS Bond Hearing on January 9, the School Board presented its proposal for improvements to the school, including history of the facility, outcomes from the host of committees that have suggested the same improvements for 15 years, proposal details, due diligence, educational perspective, design plans, and tax impact. Check out the presentation here, or explore detail on this site.

If you couldn't attend the meeting but would like to hear the discussion that took place amongst neighbors, click here for a recording of the meeting.

SAVE THE DATE: Please plan to attend the LAS Deliberative Session, where the public is able to comment, amend, and adjust all Warrant Articles that will be on the ballot March 11:

Thursday, February 6
7:00pm, LAS Cafeteria 

The Destination Imagination Club will be providing babysitting services during the Deliberative Session.

Friday, December 6, 2013

School Board Presents 2014 LAS Renovation Proposal: Dec 10

The School Board will be presenting a practical plan to address the school’s health/safety and educational issues:

7 PM -- LAS Gymnasium

Please review the School Board Proposal, also available in hard copy at LAS, Hampton Falls Free Library, HF Post Office or HF Town Hall -- we hope you'll gain context before joining us

Goals of the Plan
• Prioritize the most needed areas of improvement
• Design solutions to meet those needs
Limit the budget for minimal financial impact

The condition of the Lincoln Akerman School facility is limiting the town’s effectiveness in delivering a quality education to its youth. The facility’s conditions are the result of 13 years without proactive facility investment, a student population that has doubled since the last significant facility investment 25 years ago, and a curriculum that’s been evolving to deal with expanding school standards and a diverse set of student learning challenges.

The School Board conducted thorough due diligence over the last several years, with fine-tuned focus this past year, reviewing: 1) recommendations from nearly fifty Hampton Falls citizens who donated thousands of hours to investigate, identify and assess these conditions, 2) outcomes from town meetings and publications where these issues were well communicated and acknowledged by most citizens in the community, and 3) potential solutions identified in partnership with professionals, residents and administration.

An investment in the infrastructure of our town and school is now warranted. Our challenge is how best to manage this expense and share the burden with current and future residents who will benefit from the investment. To develop a proposal, the School Board has worked with professionals in the construction, academic and financial industries.

This plan resolves the most important health, safety, infrastructure, efficiency, and operations issues at the school by:
  • Renovating older, substandard areas of the school
  • Adding cost effective space to manage existing enrollment and curriculum needs