A Community Proposal

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GOAL: To create an educational environment that will advance 21st Century learning and address needs related to building age and programming.

A comprehensive program to address issues related to building age and programming has been presented to voters for the past two years. While over 50 percent of voters were in favor of this approach, there were not enough votes to achieve the 60 percent needed for a bond to pass.

In an effort to meet the needs of those residents in favor of addressing both program needs and building needs while also meeting the needs of those residents who felt the all-inclusive bond and related interest costs were too large, the School Board is proposing a compromise plan using a phased approach.

PHASE 1 - Ensure that every program has the space it requires to maximize the impact of programming

Phase one will be bonded and will include large projects that have long-term life expectancies:

Build Additional Education Space

New wing with 6 classrooms (net result 3 new classrooms)

o Relocate 3rd, 4th and 5th grades to new wing resulting in age appropriate grouping

o World Language moves into a newly available classroom

o Special Education moves into a newly available classroom

o Combine two undersized Middle School classrooms to make an appropriately sized classroom and provide a larger lab space located on the second floor with other Middle School classrooms

Additional space added to current gym space will house the music program

Renovations to Current Spaces

Turn current 3rd and 4th grade classrooms into a dedicated cafeteria which will also be available as a large group space

Moving the cafeteria allows the current gym and cafeteria multipurpose space to become a dedicated gymnasium

o Asbestos abatement

o Appropriate flooring installed for safety

o Ventilation upgrades

o Bleachers for spectator and athlete safety

Additional space and changes to kitchen service area will improve safety and efficiency

Current first floor Science classroom will be renovated to provide a larger Art room and Elementary Science space

Improvements to Grounds

70 new parking spaces

ADDITIONAL PHASES - Intend to update building infrastructure needs through yearly warrant articles that will not accrue interest

Projects to be completed in phases

o Roof replacement

o Window replacement

o Update electrical wiring in 1942 building

o Renovate locker rooms

o Replace grease trap in kitchen and complete kitchen upgrade

o Address second floor temperature issues

o DDC controls/HVAC upgrades throughout all buildings

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