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Proposals to address the LAS facility have been presented to voters for the past few years, favored by over 50 percent of the voters each time, though short of the 60 percent needed for a bond to pass.

In an effort to find fair and common ground, the LAS School Board proposes a building addition to address only our most critical space needs, including:

-- A dedicated Gym/Physical Education Classroom

-- Adequate classroom space for Music Education

-- A dedicated classroom for World Language Program

-- A Community Center for ALL Hampton Falls citizens

-- Flexible Space for all teachers and classes to utilize

-- 35% Reduction in cost from original design

THE GOAL of School Board-proposed Article 1:
To create
an educational environment that will advance 21st Century learning and address infrastructure needs related to the building.

We aim to offer a reasonable budget acceptable to Hampton Falls citizens, while addressing what the LAS facility needs to support 21st century learning standards. By "needs," we mean space deficiencies that negatively impact the curriculum or the ability to teach and learn by 21st century standards.

As you review information on this site and contemplate voting on March 8, please consider the following…

SOLUTION: The School Board has listened to the community and taken steps to compromise. With facility upgrades being handled via the school’s annual budget, the School Board’s current proposal is reduced in cost by 35% and takes us back to the original plan to add 12,000 square feet. Bonding the investment will keep taxes reasonable while solving space deficiencies right now. See Proposal Details.

COMMUNITY CENTER: An exciting new part of this proposal involves access for ALL Hampton Falls citizens to the detached/secure addition…the proposal is not only for education, but for a Community Center. See Proposal Details.

TAXES: The School Board recommends a $4.3 million bonded solution to address the school’s greatest educational needs. The cost of this bond to the average taxpayer (assuming $400K home valuation) is $6 per month for the first year ($72 per year) and $21.66 per month for years 2 through 20 ($260 per year). You may question the recent hike in school-related taxes. The increase is directly related to the significant investment required last year for our aging facility. As taxpayers, we do not save by denying a bonded solution…rather, we will endure higher taxes annually as necessary fixes are made, even while space issues remain unaddressed. See Budget.

SPACE: LAS has a space issue. It’s not going away. Not only do we lack space for traditional teaching methods in Spanish, Music, and Physical Education, Lincoln Akerman lacks flexible space required by 21st century educational standards, for collaboration and “doing” as opposed to “listening.” See Proposal Details and Why Space Matters.

If you are unable to find what you need, please reach out to a member of the School Board – they are happy to answer your questions.

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